Monday, October 12, 2009

The Magic of Fall

There is something magical about fall...the light, the air, the food. It is such a crisp and lovely time of year. Our little Irish Norwegian family tries to head to a pumpkin farm and the apple orchard every year. I inevitably try and take a hundred photos, including a photo of the kids. It usually involves one of them looking at the camera, one at the other parent clapping to get their attention, and one looking at the other kids. You have seen these photos.


After 12 tries, I usually give up.

Then we head to the petting zoo portion, where I love watching the differences in my kids' personalities emerge. Little Man is incredibly careful and serious around the animals, slow to jump in there. Littlest Man dives in with both hands, trying to hug the animals, feed them, talk to them, woo them to come home with us. A couple years ago, he was bitten by a pig at the petting zoo. It didn't hinder him one bit.

This year is Little Miss Pink's first petting zoo experience and, though loves animals "in theory," we discovered that she would rather love them from a distance!

She did, however, enjoy "posing" for her mama all over the various photo spots at the farm, which was hilarious.

We picked out a bunch of different pumpkins, several variety of squash and some decorative gourds, too. In addition, we came home with a couple sets of terrifying vampire teeth.

Well, terrifying, or adorable. I'll let you be the judge.

After all that pumpkin goodness, I decided I had to bake something that involved pumpkin! And Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread was the ticket. I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

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