Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mom Rant

You are Super Mom.
(this super photo is by Olivia Wagner , btw)

Uh oh. I'm getting out my soap box.

I just wanted to say that being a mom is a heckuva tough job. Moms never really get to call in sick. We never get to go "off duty." We don't get credit when credit is due in many cases. It is a hard job.

And I think we're too hard on ourselves, which is silly because everyone else is already very hard on us!

Let's just stop that nonsense, umkay?

Don't chastise yourself for not making homemade costumes, or for buying the rotisserie chicken at Costco. Don't feel badly because you didn't run to be the first mom helping at the preschool today (or the germ factory, as I prefer to call it). Don't criticize yourself for turning on Veggie Tales just so you could check your email and get a Diet Coke.

Let's agree together that, whatever we do as moms, we are doing our very best. There is a gene that passes to you the moment you hold your baby that makes you give your all no matter what when it comes to your kids, even if you don't realize you're giving your all. So know that your best effort is good enough. Your husband thinks you're amazing (even if he forgets to tell you). Your baby or babies believe the world revolves around you. And you are hot! Even if you're up to your elbows in someone else's snot. You are a mama. And a damn good one.

Excuse the profanity, please. But sometimes we need to be reminded of these things. I'm probably the first one to ignore all of this advice I'm spewing. But I wanted to tell you.

I think you're an awesome_______ (fill in the blank: cook, seamstress, singer, card shuffler, organizer, label maker, decorator, shopper, friend, thawer of meat, avoider of laundry). Tell yourself, too. Tell your best friend, while you're at it.

Being a mom is no easy feat. But you're doing a great job. One day at a time. And your hard work is paying off. Look at those kids. They're incredible. And, yes, that's a result of God's blessings, your hubby, and Y.O.U. Take credit when credit is due. You rock.

The end.

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