Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Love!

No, I'm not having another baby. I just got back from a baby shower for a gal at church who just had her sixth child. A BOY! After five gorgeous girls. Her children are among the most lovely and sweet I've seen, so she should have 100 while she's at it.

I got to hold the tiny baby bundle of blue and it was simply heaven on earth. I love that baby smell and the noises and the jerky baby motions and how their little bottoms are so tiny. Heaven.

Whew. I better stop thinking about it. If I WERE to have another baby, I would definitely throw a party with this theme that I saw on a favorite blog (Hostess with the Mostess): A Reveal the Gender party! Check it out, it's SO fun! The couple made cupcakes that they placed a blue or pink gumball in---when everyone bit into their cupcake, they found out the gender! They also asked their guests to wear a blue or pink shirt to represent their "guess"! Isn't that a fun idea?

Hop on over to this site and then get stuck their for an hour like I usually do, poring over all the cute party ideas! You'll love it!

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