Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Happens at Michael's...

...Stays at Michael's!
Does this ever happen to you? Sometimes, I go into Michael's and have a simple plan to purchase a spool of ribbon and a few containers of acrylic craft paint. It is a good plan and perfectly reasonable.
I'm working on a craft project that happens to be a present (which I'll share later). I ran out of white craft paint and needed some pronto. I know it's on sale this week and I'm telling myself as I walk in, "Don't look at anything else."
I ignored my conscience. My Littler Man and Little Miss Pink were witness to my straying. It wasn't terrible, but I did end up with a bit more than 2 items.
Instead of spending $1, I ended up with more like $21. Much of it super-clearance ribbon and fabulous Martha Stewart papers, kits and labels.
When I got to the car and the kids were buckled up, I said, "When I go into Michael's, I just can't help myself."

Wise four year old Littler Man says in a totally deadpan voice, "Mom, you CAN help yourself. You're an adult." 
Ouch. So true. I'm still keeping all that stuff, but I will take the lesson to heart.


  1. Your little man is way smart and cute!!

  2. Sometimes smart, sometimes a bit of a smartie pants! But he's always cute! :)


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