Monday, November 23, 2009

Harvest Table Decor

I set the Thanksgiving table a bit early this year, so that it's not a frantic rush on Thursday. I had gotten two lovely bouquets at Costco---one of brown and golden mums and another a fall medley with roses, lilies, eucalyptus, mums and berries. I set my sights on making two arrangements out of these in low, rectangular vases so they wouldn't block conversation at our table. I also added votives. The set up was lovely, but just not complete.

I remembered a stash of burlap I had purchased at Hobby Lobby over the summer. I knew instantly what I wanted to do!

To decorate and "harvest" up any vase, jar, votive or even a pillar candle, you'll need burlap, double stick tape, ribbon and scissors. I used ribbon I had on hand---1/2" brown satin. I would've preferred wider ribbon, but didn't want to run out to the store.

I planned on "shabby-ing up" the 2 rectangular vases and 8 votives.

 First, I cut two strips of burlap, about 3" wide and long enough to wrap around the vase. Using two rows of double stick tape, I attached the burlap to the vase, about 2" down from the top---which covered perfectly the surface of the water that can get scummy looking. Yeah!

Next, I measured a length of ribbon that could wrap around the burlap twice---in order to beef up my skinny ribbon. I tied the ribbon in a bow and, voila! Done!

For the votives, I took a long strip of double stick tape and pressed it onto the burlap. I used the width and length of the tape as a guide for cutting the burlap, which also helped minimize the burlap fraying and shedding.

I attached it to the top of the votive and was done! A super easy project and I am quite pleased with the results!


  1. I love decorating with burlap. Very clever!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! It's my first burlap project! I'm a new fan!


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