Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slacker Me...

I know I said I'd post details about finishing up Little Man's birthday party invitations...and I will!
I have been brainstorming ideas for decos, the cake, the games. We will definitely have some Lego fun come 11.20!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this SO SUPER FUN blog I found a few weeks back. It is called Shanty2Chic and is written by two sisters that have a penchant for spray paint, gorilla glue, Ralph Lauren glaze and making everything they touch turn chic for very little $!

Please check it out. Don't get mad at me that you lose at least 30 minutes looking at all of their cute projects, like these rustic chalkboards, or this cake stand, or this headboard project.

This blog makes me want to run out and by some Ralph Lauren glaze and get to work on ANYTHING! It's actually supposed to be warm here today, so I hope to get a few projects done, including the revamp of a vintage metal bread box (kinda like this, but cuter!). I plan to spray paint it and use it to catch the MOUNTAINS of paperwork that come home from school with the Little Men.

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