Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lego of your's Birthday Time!

That was the cheesy header I had to refrain from using on Little Man's 6th Birthday invitations. He has been all about the Legos ever since my fave-o-fave hubby dug his old Legos out of storage for the boys. We have about 3.2 million of them (perhaps a wee bit of exaggeration) and I don't know who loves them more, the Irish hubby or his handsome Little Men. But, since my hubby already had his big 30th birthday bash in February, Little Man chose the Lego theme for his birthday first (and a 31 year old doesn't usually have toy or action hero themed birthday parties anyhow...!)!

I'm ruminating on lots of fun ideas for the Lego party, particularly in the cake, decorating, and food arenas. I'm counting on my hubby to come up with loads of clever games, though I think we must build a Lego pinata because it would be pretty easy for sure.

Here is what I came up with for the invites...more on the exact details of the other papers soon.

I was hoping to find cute Lego papers, but since I really procrastinated on these (shh, don't tell Little Man!), I didn't have time to order any online. I am thrilled with how they came out and excited to show you the rest tomorrow, including the homemade envelopes! 


  1. you are very sweet in your kind comments about the things i craft! thanks for dropping by! you have a beautiful family!

  2. aha! now i know who you are, mostly mom!!! hi, nicole!! i didn't realize it was you when i first commented!!


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